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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. liz said about a half hour ago she thinks everyone is sleeping in after the super bowl. maybe, yes that could be the case because not too much of a backup. i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on your monday. and wow, what a dramatic finish super bowl xlvix last night. a bay area connection decided for the deciding -- accounted for the deciding score for the patriots. tom brady finding redwood city's julian edelman there in the end zone for the touchdown with just two minutes left. and seattle marches down the field with the help of this catch right there. the circus grab. it appeared seattle might win in the final seconds but the patriots will pick the ball off on the goal line. sealing a 28-24 victory. new england's fourth super bowl winner. in six tries. now there's a year to go until super bowl 50 and it's going to be played right here in the bay area. >> and members of the host committee traveled to arizona to get some insights on what works and what doesn't.
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>> kpix 5's reporter kiet do is live at levi's stadium down in santa clara. >> and of course that's where the game will be played next year before a global audience. kiet. >> reporter: good morning that bay area delegation in arizona was there to work. not to enjoy the game. we're talking about the super bowl 50 host committee made up of a handful of elected officials and organizers and law enforcement officers. and this week in arizona was focused on two big things -- the fan experience and of course security. how to make sure that everybody at the super bowl is having some fun and even for those who do not have a ticket to the game. the committee is coming back to the bay area with many lessons learned. >> we've seen a lot of what to do and what not to do. and hopefully learned a little bet from their mistakes and it's just given us a great perspective about how we can showcase our city but still make it a great event for everybody. >> reporter: and while everybody at the game or why
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the game is here in santa clara events will be spread throughout the region. super bowl 50 will pump millions of dollars into the bay area economy. >> every hotel, restaurant, bars, they'll all be filled. all of the activities will be up here. there's no parade. there's no big expensive item so much as the nfl having it at moscone center the big fan experiences. >> reporter: the other big issue of course is traffic. it took fans getting from downtown to the stadium in arizona about an hour and a half. that is much longer than planners had hoped for. as you know the situation here at levi's stadium how it was this year. they're hoping they got some lessons learned. still have some phishes to figure out here at levi's stadium and they have a year to figure out the problems. we're live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> they sure do. okay thanks. super bowl 50 will be played on sunday. february 7th 2016. kpix 5 is the home for super bowl 50. and we are the media partner for the super bowl 50 host
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committee. four-time super bowl champion joe montana and his wife jennifer will join kpix 5 as special contributors. the montana will be featured members of our team throughout the year as the bay area gets ready for this very high- profile event. and we will be covering a super bowl like no one has. it begins with the kpix 5 special with ken bastida and jennifer montana countdown to gold -- a superstart and that's tonight at 7:00 on kpix 5. and you know what was a good game? when elizabeth wenger watches from start to finish. >> i was kind of forced to. it was a whole day. >> but you watched. >> i totally agree. last few minutes i was very impressed. >> i was really confused at the very beginning in the pre-game show. being very concerned about the very damp conditions and what cleats he was going to wear. i thought it was a retractable too much.
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plus they roll out the grass. >> it was beautiful. on sunday down there too. >> i don't know why they said the grass was wet and they play in worse in new england anyway. so it's no big factor. >> you know my favorite play of the game? lenny kravitz. >> look out. >> yeah katy perry was awe and as well. we have partly cloudy conditions, looking out to the bay bridge in san francisco, 53. you go east of the bay bridge it is 50 in oakland. the winds are calm and all places. will remain on the mild side today. temperature-wise, into the 60s across the board except san jose, santa clara, willow glen. los gatos, saratoga all in the low 70s. in fact the outside number today is 73 degrees, low 70s tuesday. goes what rain and wind friday. daily chances of rain over the weekend and more on that still straight ahead. liz? okay thank you. what did you call it a super bowl hangover? >> yeah you could have one of those. >> yeah after a while traffic is really light and now we are
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getting one of the first accidents, not slowing any -- seeing any slowdowns yet. if initial reports around the dublin interchange westbound 580 at 680. we'll watch it but it sounds like two lanes may be blocked. so they be kind of a rough start to that morning commute if you're heading into pleasanton. we'll have the update in the next traffic report. here's a live look at westbound highway 4. 62 miles per hour approaching a. street. so the rest of the bay area is looking great. on thissered early monday morning drive. look at the -- this early monday morning drive. look at the bay bridgement not much of a delay at all and you can see the approaches in the east bay, 24, 580, highway 13 and 880 are all just fine. all green on the sensors so far. but we'll watch that one accident in dublin. >> sounds good liz thanks. now hundreds of workers are staging a strike against oil refineries up and down the west coast. >> and one of those about to be affected is the plant in martinez which employs more
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than 400 people. kpix 5's ryan takeo is there live to explain how this might affect gas prices. ryan? >> reporter: michelle, we could see a jump at the pump. here's at the refinery plant in martinez, to the process of shutting down, because of a bitter contract dispute. [ chanting ] that's what it looked like in southern california yesterday. the united steel workers' union is on strike at nine oil refineries mostly in california and texas. the strike is in response to a breakdown in contract talks between the union and shell oil which is serving as the lead company in national negotiations. the plant in martinez is more than 400 workers and they plan to join the strike as soon as the refinery can be shut down safely. it's probably going to happen sometime today. one local expert says gas prices will not likely go up immediately. but if the strike drags on, expect to pay more.
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>> if the strike goes on a listening time, we might start -- long time, we might start to see prices rise. and in california runs on a very tight supply demand balance. >> reporter: the topics in dispute include wages, health care costs, safety, and the use of contractors in staffing. by the way this is the largest worker walkout in this industry in 30 years. live in martinez, ryan takeo, kpix 5. half of the martinez plant is already shut down due to plant maintenance. while that refinery will shut down, the others will continue production with backup workers. happening today, former stanford university swimmer brock turner is due to be arraigned in a palo alto courtroom. he's accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman near fraternity row last month. since the allegations turner has quit the swim team and withdrawn from the university. an actor who appeared on the power rangers tv series has been arrested on suspicion of
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fatally stabbing his roommate with a sword. it happened on saturday. the sheriff's department says richard medina had been in an argument with his roommate before he stabbed him with an abdomen. -- in the abdomen. he played the red ranger on the series in the early 2000s and now being held on $1 million bail. today the president will formally propose a budget aimed at upgrading the nation's infrastructure and helping the middle class. nearly half a trillion dollars would repair highways, bridges and transit systems around the nation. the plan would also give tax cuts to the middle class and expand child care programs, and offer free community college to some students. >> all of the proposals that i put forth in the state of the union we can pay for by fixing a tax code that's riddled with loopholes for special interests. >> footing nearly half the cost of the plan would be u.s. businesses. new taxes would hit companies' earning profits overseas but at the same time the broader corporate tax rate would drop
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from 35% to 28%. capital gains taxes on the wealthy americans though would go up. starting today, san francisco will accept applications for its new short- term residential rental registry. the way to put controls on home rentals through airbnb and similar services, they will be able to rent out their homes for up to 30 days at a time. and no more than 90 days in a year. time now is 5:09. a big night for big businesses buying ad time during this year's super bowl. still to come, what we saw during this year's commercials. >> and another winter storm zeroing in on the northeast. the impact it's having on travel right here in the bay area. >> and it is only 5:09 and yet we tied another weather record today. good morning everyone. i'll talk about that and you're not going to like it. >> we have confirmed this is a three car crash blocking two lanes. heading to the dublin interchange. right before 680 and the already starting to see a little bit of a backup.
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we'll have a travel time for but first we want to know what drives you crazy during the morning commute. ask a question or share a gripe bemauling or tweet me at -- and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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xñyñ5ñ good morning everyone, we are taking an early look at levi's stadium. that will be the home of super bowl 50. today the average highs in the upper 50s going into a high low 70 -- in the low 70s. your complete forecast the still coming up. another winter storm is about to pelt the northeastern u.s.. yesterday it hit parts of the midwest. dumping up to a foot and a half of snow on the chicago area. it grounded flights at both of the city's major airports.
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>> they can't get us back out until tuesday. so we're kind of hoping that we can get out sooner rather than later. >> more flight delays and cancellations are expected today. boston is expected to get 9 to 16 inches of snow. parts of new york, vermont, new hampshire, connecticut, and rhode island are also expected to get good amounts of snow. >> should make for a good parade tomorrow. >> i know. >> delay that a bit? >> the patriots are floating through town. well, this is groundhog day, if you didn't know that, and punxsutawney, pennsylvania is center of all the action this morning. >> legend has it if he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. so here's the verdict. >> yes. a shadow i see. you can start this winter hashtag #sixmoreweeksofwinter. >> well, people are not happy about that as you can hear. the tradition has been going on
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since 1887 but no one's kept track of the number of groundhogs who have played the role of phil over the years. >> i would have put a million dollars that we were going to get six more weeks of winter. >> really just saying? >> at least out on the east coast. >> too bad -- you didn't put $1 million down. >> punxsutawney was hanging out in san mateo might be a different story. >> still looks confused. poor phil. let's go outside and unfortunately the quiet start to the commute is kind of over. we have this issue going on now near the dublin interchange. in fact a couple of things going on at 580. the first one is the three car crash blocking two lanes. they're working to clear it to the right hand shoulder but there's a bit of a delay already heading to the dublin interchange. and then farther east, we're trying to confirm with chp what the debris is but there's some in the road may even be a stall and then a couple of other cars hit it. so you know that's causing a little delay coming into the love love. livermore valley. combined with the usual slow traffic out of the tracy area and you know what you get. kind of the commute has really
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begun for that stretch. here's a live look at the sensors on highway 4. down to 33 miles per hour in about i don't care approaching -- antioch apreaching a. street. past the road work though everything looks better. it's still really quiet across the golden gate bridge. just kind of late the see no traffic aloss the golden gate. a few cars heading southbound. and the bay bridge no problems at all. they never really had any overnight road work that we saw so everything is clear right now into san francisco. again no metering lights just yet all the approaches are fine. but this is the time to go. they've been switching the metering lights on pretty early. closer to 5:40 lately so if you want to beat the rush head out now. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. no delay in either direction between the east bay and foster city. and i promise you a little new thing about the ferry. they're actually adding an extra ferry today at 8:40 a.m. between lark spur and san francisco. everything else is on time. regular schedule for b.a.r.t.,
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the rest of golden gate ferries caltrain and ace. that's kcbs traffic. ad update on the -- another update on the rainy forecast. we have three computer models we depend on. two of them are saying the north bay is going to be hammered with heavy rain from 5 to 12 inches between thursday night through sunday. the other computer model says lesser amounts of rain but nevertheless it is going to rain here in the bay area by tend of the week. -- the end of the week. right now as we begin the workweek we have partly cloudy conditions in san francisco. with an air temperature of 53 degrees. santa rosa at 43 and now reporting a half a mile visibility due to some pockets of dense fog. so here's what you need to know. out the door this morning, some partly cloudy to clear conditions. clear in livermore and partly cloudy right now in san francisco. some mild temperatures and what i mean by that it's not freezing as you're heading on out. we have so far as of today, seen 42 days of no rain. right here in the bay area. we've had a mid-winter break from any kind of precipitation.
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this ties a record set back in 1962 to 1963. and then again the heavy rain will begin in the north baby late thursday night. the exact location right now places this in the north bay event with lesser amounts south of the golden gate bridge but nevertheless, everybody is going to get wet. right now rain showers across the northwestern section of the state of california. we see the rain well to the north of us but this area of low pressure way upstream. that's making a district aim towards the area and -- direct aim towards the bay area and our heaviest day will be on friday with gusty winds as well as far as precipitation is concerned. especially at the coast and higher elevations. today we are dry for the most part from top to bottom except we see that rain right there around the area to the north. monterey at 66 degrees. meanwhile our tvs, boy up to about -- temperatures boy up to about ten degrees above normal. instead 71 in san jose. outside number today will be 73 degrees that will be in gilroy. otherwise we'll hang on to the mild conditions all the way through about wednesday. then we'll start to see the
5:18 am
clouds filter in on thursday. leading to the rain showers overnight friday. rain and wind. we could see the possibility of some advisories issued in the northern portion of the district for urban and small stream flood advisories and possibly see minor flooding. i suspect the showers will come in waves once it begins overnight on thursday through friday. on again off again through sunday. but we're going to have to watch this because a whole lot of rain all at once is not really something we want. because of the flooding and the grounds is really sky. >> and resorts are probably going wow we really need it. >> have to go up really high. >> it's a start. >> all right thanks. well, for some people watching the super bowl yesterday, it was all about the commercials. >> yeah for a lot of people reporter andrew spencer takings a look at some of those you might have missed. >> reporter: a few super bowl ads touched on a common theme. >> daddy? >> reporter: this dove commercial in particular focusing on dads and declaring what makes man stronger is showing that he cares.
5:19 am
automakers touched on fatherhood as well as with this ad featuring high powered nissans and a reunion between father and son. bmw reached back to 1994 for a few laughs. >> can you explain what internet is? >> reporter: katie couric and bryant gumbel could out the technology in the company's new all electric car. >> can you twerk? >> reporter: fiat went a different route running an ad featuring a little blue pill and the company's bigger more powerful crossover. things got even sillier from there in super bowl spots from doritos and mercedes. other ads like nationwide relied on a bit of star power to get people's attention. no need to reinvent the wheel in universal's super bowl spots, they teased ahead to several upcoming movie sequels. mobile games had a couple as well. the one getting the movie treatment from actor liam neeson. >> i will have my revenge. >> reporter: the average 30
5:20 am
second spots that set companies back $4.5 million this year. exhibitioning its own od -- the nfl ran a psa as part of the no more initiative against domestic violence. >> if you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you are unable to talk because? >> right. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> yeah i think a lot of the ads tugged at your heart strings more than making you laugh but i was kind of engrossed in the game to be honest with you. >> yeah. >> i was more into the game than the commercials. >> i know but the commercials are such a big part of it and he didn't mention -- what it's like to be a girl or run like a girl. so that was a really good one. >> that was a good one as well. it is 5:20 on your monday morning. coming up, terrifying moments for two hikers when they take a dangerous fall down the icy mountain up in oregon. the unexpected heroes who were in the right place at the right time. >> and good morning everybody. you've got to admit. if you love football, the super bowl xlvix held your attention
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all throughout. we've got highlights. in a bit. >> and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and
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and good morning everybody. boy, tom brady got himself into some exclusive company officially in the patriots did last night. what am i talking about? super bowl xlvix. let's take you inside of university of phoenix stadium. picking up third quarter. seattle extending its leads to ten from russell wilson here found doug baldwin. they led 24-14 into the fourth quarter seemingly in control of the game but they left the door open for brady to cut the lead to three and he went ahead when he connected with julian edelman for the fourth touchdown pass. pass led by four. but here's the game. 1:15 to go. wilson deep. jermaine kearse somehow comes up with the grab. seattle gets the ball to a one yard line and on second down, threw the football. picked off by malcolm butler for years folks will wonder why didn't they give the ball to marshawn lynch. but tom brady is a happy man. richard sherman is shocked.
5:25 am
burst win the game -- patriots win the game 28-24 and brady is the move as he tied -- mvp as he tied montana and brad shaw with four super bowl titles. >> it's incredible to experience this feeling once and i've been fortunate to play on four really great teams. >> you can never just quit. that's how i got here and never quit. so if you just keep working hard and believe, anything can happen. >> all right, that kid an overnight star, the big hero getting that last moment interception to end the game. that guy will never pay for a meal in boston. again. that will do it for sports, at this hour, i'll see you around. yeah, he is on the promo trail. thank you vern. play of the day. how about some golf in final round waste management this phoenix as well. 22-year-old opening hole and why not start out with a little flair? looking for eagle here a couple of bounces, yeah and got it. sweet. he holds it out and he ended up
5:26 am
tying for second by the way, brooks ken coo won the tournament and took home nearly $2 million, your play of the day and it's an ace. >> very good. 5:56. president obama unveils his new budget to congress today. details on who could see tax hikes plus the major changes he wants to make. >> a workers' strike could impact the price at the pump. coming up the bay area oil refinery is about to shut down.
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] thousands of california refinery workers are walking thank you very much job. we're -- off the job, we're live with the reason behind the sudden strike. and i'm kit delive here at levi's stadium. -- kiet do live here at levi's stadium getting ready for the big game coming up in one year, what planners learned in arizona coming up. heavy rain is heading towards the bay area. which day to expect it. and the problems continue for the 580 commute especially between livermore and pleasanton. we'll explain what that's all about coming up. good morning everyone, it's monday, february 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday everyone,
5:30 am
nearly 5:30 now i'm frank mallicoat. a dramatic finish to super bowl xlvix and a bay area connection accounted for the patriots' deciding touchdown. tom brady found wide receiver and redwood city native julian edelman for a touchdown with just over two minutes left. and the seattle seahawks marched down the field with will open of the cap -- the help of the catch. it appeared seattle might win but the patriots intercepted the ball at the goal line sealing a 28-24 victory. it's new england's fourth super bowl win by the way. did you know that frank? >> i did know that. >> i'm shire you did. in just a year though, football fans will focus on the bay area and that's because super bowl 50 will be played in our region. >> it is. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live at levi's stadium in santa clara. that's where the game will happen in early 2016. hey good morning. >> reporter: good morning. certainly no beer and hot wings during the game at least for the bay area delegation that was there. we're talking about the super bowl l host committee and they sent a few dozen elected
5:31 am
officials, planners and organizers and law enforcement officers to observe what to do and what not to do during the big game. now their week in arizona focuseddened fan experience and security. how to make the super bowl fun for everyone even for those without a ticket to the game. and the committee also included about 25 police officers who went there to check out the safety aspect of it. >> we're looking for the city's standpoint is more of the nfl experience. all the parties and festivities that are going on in phoenix downtown. that's most of the events that will be in charge of. we're also interested to see the stadium. and how that operation is run. >> reporter: and next year's game is being billed as the most philanthropic and giving super bowl ever with a big chunk of the proceeds going to local charities. they're calling it the 50 funds. there was a long -- fund. there was a long radio ad during yesterday's game voiced by bay area celebrities, take a
5:32 am
listen. >> the 50 fun -- >> is -- >> a -- >> nonprofit. >> pledging. >> 25%. >> of the -- >> proceeds from -- >> hosting. >> super bowl 50. >> back -- >> to the local charities. >> that's tens -- . >> of millions. >> of dollars. >> for groups. >> in the bay area. >> that need it most. >> the other big issue of course is traffic. it facebook fans han -- took fans an hour and a half to get from the downtown yesterday to the stadium yesterday in arizona. leaving the game was a big mess. you know levi's stadium has its own issues. they've got a year to figure it out. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and super bowl 50 will be played on sunday, february 7th 2016. mark your calendars and it's going to be right here on kpix 5. >> and channel 5 is your home for super bowl 50 and we are the media partners for the super bowl 50 host committee. four-time super bowl champ quarterback joe montana his wife jennifer will join kpix 5 at special contributors the montana will be featured
5:33 am
members of the team throughout the year. as the bay area gets ready for this high-profile event. and we will be covering super bowl like no one has before. it begins with a channel 5 special with ken and jennifer montana countdown to gold -- the big stupe start. that's tonight by the way at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. can you believe it? the morning after super bowl xlvix we're counting down to super bowl 50. >> suggest partly cloudy and 61 degrees. >> in a year? >> that's great. >> are you sure? we're going to roll back that tape. >> did you tell you last week about this week? brian you wrote it down. we had three computer models two of them suggest we are going to see up to a foot of rain in the north bay between thursday night and sunday. the other computer model says five inches. nevertheless, we are going to see age right here in the bay area by the tail end of the workweek, right now as we kick start a brand new workweek, we have partly cloudy conditions. san francisco's 53.
5:34 am
livermore where we have clear skies, it is 43 degrees. santa rosa rather has visit down to a half a mile with areas of dense fog. so we have a few clouds out the door and some calm winds and it will be relatively mild today with our temperatures averaging above normal for this time of the year. and then again the rain returns in earnest by late thursday night. rain and wind by friday. today, no wind. just the north wind about 5 to 10 that's about it. temperature-wise should be at 58 in san francisco. instead 66. we're not anticipating any record-breaking temps today but we surely saw them on saturday. here we go, mild conditions each day through wednesday. we cloud up on thursday and then that leads to rain on again off again through sunday. probes on the 580 -- problems on the 580. here's liz. thank you roberta. we have some issues right now on westbound 580 a couple of different things. still quiet there for a while and then we got hit with this with some debris in the roadway some metal straps it sounds like that was in the road. anyway a couple of cars hit it
5:35 am
and now likely have flat tires and you can see the backup behind it coming out of tracy. pretty heavy delays. 38 miles per hour. and kind of clears out a little bit through livermore and then this accident slowing things near the dublin interchange. it should be in the final clearing stages but it was westbound 580 right before 680 and you can see all the yellow sensors. as you approach the dublin interchange area. once you clear past 680 though everything is fine through the dublin grade. highway 4 mobile units have been driving around and it shows the heaviest traffic between hill crest and lone tree and you can see 27 miles per hour. that is kcbs traffic back to you guys. thank you liz. 5:35 now. developing news this morning, hundreds of workers are staging a strike against oil refineries in the western portion of theist, one of those about -- the u.s.. one of those is the tesoro plant in martinez where more than 400 people normally work. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live in martinez this morning to explain how this might affect gas prices, ryan good
5:36 am
morning. >> reporter: frank, good morning, yeah experts warn that we could see a gas price jump. the plant here the refinery in martinez is in the process of shutting down. all because of a contract showdown. >> what do we want? >> fair contracts. >> reporter: it will united steel workers' union is on strike at nine oil refinery mostly in california and texas. here's a look at what it looked hike in southern california yesterday. the strike is in response to a breakdown in contract talks between the union and shell oil which is serving as the lead company in national negotiations. the plant here in martinez is more than 400 workers and they plan to join the strike as soon as the refinery can be shut down safely. that's probably going to happen sometime today. one local expert says gas prices will not immediately go up, but if the strike drags on expect to pay more especially since our state runs on a very tight supply and demand balance. >> california is in a more
5:37 am
difficult position because we use a special blend of gasoline that is cleaner burning. and there aren't as many refineries that can produce our blended gasoline. >> reporter: half of the martinez plant is already shut down because of planned maintenance, that's why this is shutting down completely today. the other refinelies will continue production with backup workers. live in martinez, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> that is the largest walkout in 30 years and topics in dispute include wages, health care costs, safety and the use of contractors in staffing. the chp is looking into a fiery car crash that killed two men and a woman in east san jose. it happened just before 2:00 yesterday morning off highway 101 near the 280 and 680 interchange. the car crashed into an embankment and two trees and burst into flames. but it's not clear what caused the accident. san francisco's dealing with a rash of port-a-potty fires, a witness shot cell phone video of the latest fire yesterday afternoon on bryant
5:38 am
street. firefighters got the flames under control quickly. no one was injured. it's not clear if this was relate today other fires -- related to other fires last month in san francisco. and berkeley police investigating the death of a man whose body was found alongside a walking path. investigators say the man in his 70s was found dead yesterday afternoon on the west streit pathway near delaware street. police consider the case suspicious because so far there's no obviously cause of death. the secret service arrested a man who got too close to the white house. he climbed a bike rack just outside the grounds yesterday afternoon. agents say the rack is set back from the white house fence making it unlikely that anyone could use it to get inside. he was turned over to local police and charged with unlawful entry. happening today, the president will put forward a budget aimed at upgrading the nation's infrastructure and helping out the middle class. merely half a trillion dollars would repair highways, bridges and transit systems. the plan would cut taxes for the middle class and expand
5:39 am
child care programs and offer free community college. the budget calls for a one-time tax on u.s. corporate profits overseas and an increase in capital gains taxes for the wealthy. there's another recall of air bags involving millions of cars. >> and investors on wall street are hoping february goes a little bitter than the month that just ended a few days ago. jill wagner joins us on this monday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank and michelle. investors are probably glad to see january behind them. it was the worst month for the dow in a year. on friday the dow fell another 251 punts. the nasdaq -- points, the nasdaq down by about 48 points. another massive air bag recall involving two million vehicles. federal officials say the air bags can inflate while the car is running. previous recalls didn't fully fix the problem so the recall involves acura, jeep grand cherokees and toyota corolla
5:40 am
models. and jay z wants to get into the music streaming business. he made a $56 million bid for the swedish company. it operates two streaming services wimp and title. now subscribers pay $20 a month but it does promise better audio quality than spotify and pandora. frank and michelle? >> well, jill just a couple of minutes ago i told frank i was craving mcdonald's french fries. >> i'm all over that. >> and apparently mcdonald's is rolling out a new way to pay. tells about that. -- us about this. >> yeah the next time you go into mcdonald east there's a chance you may not need your wallet. the fast food chain is rolling out a new pay with loving campaign. over the next two weeks randomly selected customers will be asked to do a random act of kindness as payment. the one example calling your parents to tell them you love them. i don't know if you guys saw the commercial last night, the super bowl. but it actually -- was made me a little emotional i got to
5:41 am
say. >> you go up and order some fries and they say caloyer mother right now. >> according to the commercial you go and it's totally random. when you go to pay instead they'll say perhaps you could do something else. so it would be hug your -- hug someone. whatever they decide. >> hug the next guy in line. >> okay frank. >> i love you man. >> try it and you'll get a surprise. jill wagner thank you. >> thank you jill. well new this morning, health officials are warning parents about ingredients in children's foods. a new report found a significant number of prepackaged foods are too high in sodium and sugar. the study examined over 1,000 meals and snacks marketed for babies and toddlers. they included packaged fruits, veggies, cereals and juices. in the wake of the measles outbreak, president obama is urging parents now to get their kids vaccinated. the president says those who don't get shots compose a big risk to others who can't get vac nations. he added that the science behind vaccinations is quote
5:42 am
indisputable. more than 1 shun cases of measles have been reported in the u.s. since last month. a big shock for a couple when they see what rolled into their business. the exdamage to a building -- extensive damage to a building when a massive boulder comes crashes down. >> we're looking on 880 there in oakland and things seemingly rolling along just fine. we're going to check in with he has and get the -- his -- with liz and get the big word
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning and welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. right here on channel 5. this is your monday morning. looking out towards the golden gate bridge. it is fog free. we will have partly cloudy skies today. temperatures above average into the 60s and low 70s. rain back in the forecast i'll tell you which day to expect it
5:45 am
still straight ahead. >> i detect a little excitement over there. a big winter storm about to pelt the northeast again. yesterday it hit parts of the midwest dumping up to a foot and a half of snow around chicago and it grounded flights at the city's major airports. >> it can't get us back out until tuesday. so we're kind of hoping that we can get out sooner rather than later. >> locally more than 30 flights in and out of san francisco have been canceled because of the weather back east but so far no problems in san jose or oakland. boston is expected to get 9 to 16-inches of snow today and schools are closed. some good timing. they were going through training drills on saturday in mount hood when two hikers came tumble down the slope not far away. the man broke his leg and the woman broke both her ankles. >> a lot of ice and rock fall and we've got two patients there and rescuers trying to attend to them with cantaloupes and bowling balls of ice flying
5:46 am
done. >> another climber dumbabled down. he slid into a ravine but managed to walk away without injury. the climbers and the rescue crew were stuck in the snow for hours until a national guard helicopter could bring them to safety. >> parentally they were just doing training exercises and the two people whizzed right by them. 500 feet and they were like -- lucky lucky. >> good timing very lucky. all right traffic time now and let's see how we're doing on a monday. >> thanks guys we have a little hot spot right now. the backups is growing i should say. there were two separate accidents one in livermore and then another one in pleasanton. and everything looks like it's either cleared or in the final clearing stages. unfortunately the drive times haven't improved. it's up to about 37 minutes right now out of the altamonte pass. and i'll show you what i'm talking about on the sensors really backed up still behind the north greenville exit because of the earlier debris in the road that some cars hit. closer to the dublin interchange, there was another fender-bender that may still likely be there at least on the
5:47 am
right hand shoulder but you can see all the jam-ups now trying to get out of the pleasanton area. and those headlights that's some of the bobup right -- backup right there trying to get past 680. all lanes should be back open. and the metering lights were turned on over at the bay bridge early once again. this morning at 5:39. we thought it was early when they started switching them on at 5:45 every day. and now they're getting closer and closer to 5:40. anyway you're stacked up early past the west grand overcrossing in the cash and past track lanes. -- fastrak lanes. b.a.r.t. so far system wide on time and lark spur ferry is actually adding another extra bit this morning at 8:40 a.m. to handle overcrowding it's going to be a nine month trial run to see how it depose. but again extra ferry between lark spur and san francisco and takes off from marin at 8:40 this morning. that's your latest kcbs
5:48 am
traffic. roberta you seem giddy todayment i wonder why. it's groundhog day again and over and over again. good morning everybody yes it's the second day of february it is groundhog day. phil says six more weeks of winter. we're just waiting for winter here in the bay area. good morning everyone. we will have winter arriving by the end of the workweek. details on that but first, this, numbers. greeting you on out the door into the 40s and 0s, we have a pocket of dense fog in santa rosa. visibility a half mile there. otherwise partly cloudy san francisco at 53 degrees, here's what we need to know. first off, out the door some very mild temperatures and what i mean by that it's not freezing. we are 40s and 50s. meanwhile today tied the report established back in 1962. 1963. with 42 consecutive days of no measurable rainfall. that's going to change. heavy rain returns to the beneath bay beginning late thursday night into friday. computer models are differing at this time. one suggests up to a foot of rain between thursday and
5:49 am
sunday. north of the golden gate bridge. the other one says five inches. regardless, we've got rain coming back. we do have rain right now across that northwestern section of the state of california otherwise we are still under the influence of high pressure. that ridge is going to continue to flatten as it traverses east. behind me here low pressure is swinging in and bullseye right now is the north bay. we will see gusty winds and heavy rain on friday with the possibility of some advisories for urban and small stream flooding so keep that in mind as you look ahead towards the end of the workweek and into the weekend as well. 66 today monterey bay. 56 the greater lake tahoe area after record warmth this weekend. sun comes up today at 7:13. and by the time it sets we've got numbers still above average. 60s and low 70s my outside number today is 73 degrees. that will be in the gilroy area. so mild conditions through wednesday. and then we cloud it up on thursday and we've got rain on again off again through sunday. yes, i'm excited play along with me get the cbs bay area weather app. together we can check out conditions in your area.
5:50 am
we can even scope our hi-def doppler radar, search kpix 5 and download the cbs bay area weather app now available for both iphone and android. if you haven't got it yet, you got to do it now. because when we see those advisories for the urban and small stream flood advisories, you will know first because you get the alert on your phone. >> do you get $1 for everyone that does that? >> that would be nice. i just get the satisfaction we're all play along together. >> i kid you much. well sometimes great ideas are not so good in hindsight. a man in michigan tossed on a pair of skis and hooked himself up to the back of a car. he was cruising along pretty well until a local tv station spotted him and then broadcast his shenanigans live. well that alerted police who pulled the driver and skier over to the side of the road. >> anytime you can work shenanigans into the program, you're a winner. that guy unfortunately is not. 5:50 now. and a monday a quicker commute across the bay.
5:51 am
a push for a second transbay tube is gathering a little steam. where it would go and how much it might cost too
5:52 am
5:53 am
new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a boulder the size of a car did some serious damage to a construction rental business near san diego. it came tumbling down from a mountainside in alpine yesterday. no one was inside the shop at the time. but there is extensive damage to the building. the boulder sheared off a gas meter rupturing a natural gas line. a push to build another b.a.r.t. tunnel under the bay is gaining momentum. san francisco mayor lee and officials in alameda have recently talked about adding another transbay two. that would allow b.a.r.t. to offer 24 hour service and would help ease delays if there's a problem in the other
5:54 am
tunnel. but it would it -- it won't come soon or cheap. it could cost $12 billion to build and it could take decades. even the first steps in the planning process aren't likely to begin before 2017. dozens of ambulances helped move hundreds of patients to a brand new hospital in san francisco. happened over the weekend. the patients were moved from ucsf's older hospital to the new mission bay campus. it includes a woman's center a cancer center and a children's hospital. >> i really like it. a lot more movies and a lot more channels. just making sure it's the most comfortable space when you're in a very uncomfortable time. >> yeah. got to have the new tvs. the new campus also has a threat of robots programmed to deliver thinks like meals medications and linens and lab samples. the three giants' world series trophy on display in san mateo. this was in hayward last week. today anyone can see the trophies and take a picture starting at 4:00 p.m. it will be held at the san
5:55 am
mateo elks lodge on west 20th avenue. if you want to check it out. next stop tomorrow the stadium in san jose. good morning, i'm ryan takeo live in martinez. gas prices aren't that bad right now. right? well, there's a workers' strike that could impact what we pay at the pump. that's coming up. >> and the countdown begins for the next super bowl which will be right here in santa clara. i'm kiet do, we have a live report on what organizers have learned from this for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small.
5:56 am
bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
5:57 am
5:58 am
it was 60 minute game. and just proud of that, proud of the way everybody played. >> the new england patriots are celebrating their fourth super bowl title. the quarterback tom brady led a fourth quarter comeback to beat the seahawks 28-24. brady named super bowl mvp. what do we want? >> fair contracts.
5:59 am
>> the tesoro refinery in martinez is shutting down. a total of nine are affected mostly in california and texas. can't get us back out until tuesday. >> a winter storm that's already blank etc.ked parts of the midwest -- blanketed parts of the midwest now moving east. it could dump up to 16 inches of snow in new england which is still digging out from last week's storm, from across the bay to around the world the stories that matser on kpix 5 news this morning. >> intercepted at the goal line. good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00 and in just over a year from right now super bowl 50 will be played right here in the bay area. >> members of the host committee traveled to arizona to get some insight on what works and what doesn't. kpix 5's reporter kiet do is sat levi's stadium in account levi's stadium in santa clara --
6:00 am
at levi's stadium in santa clara. >> reporter: the slow 50 host me and -- super bowl 50 host committee and that included a handful of local planners and organizers and their week in arizona with you focused on two big kings and that's -- things and that's fan experience and security. how to make the super bowl fun for everyone even for those without ticket to the big game. it's coming back to the bay area with many lessons learned. >> of what to do and what not to do. and hopefully learned a little bit from their mistakes. and it's jut giving us a great -- just giving us a great perspective about showcasings our city and still making ate great event for everybody. >> reporter: now while the game may be here in santa clara, events will be spread throughout the region from san francisco all the way down to monterey. super bowl 50 expected to pump millions of dollars into the local economy. >> every hotel, restaurants, bars


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